Elon's Marvin is a brand new token powered by the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

Its built to go to the moon!


1% of each sale will be put into a wallet which will distribute Marvin rewards to holders. The more you hold the more you receive.


3% of every transaction will be added to liquidity. This helps keep the floor price of the token high and lessens the effects of big sells. Protecting you and the token from whale manipulation.


The 4% marketing fee of each transaction ensures the capability of having funds to pay for marketing, listings, donations etc. If needed the Marketing wallet can also burn tokens for an increase in value or add liquidity to pancakeswap.

About Marvin

Elon’s Marvin token was founded on October 10, 2021. Elon’s Marvin is a brand new token powered by the Binance Smart Chain, and inspired by Elon Musk’s real life Havanese dog, Marvin, that he often talks about on Twitter, including this tweet on October 10, 2021:

“I love ALW! Couldn’t agree more. My dog Marvin is Havanese too, although I’m *his* emotional support human.”

A Message From CEO Marvin Musk:

Hi, I’m Marvin. This is my token.

Elon Musk, my real life daddy & emotional support human, is a very rich man who boasts a net worth over $230 billion, or as much as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined – no big deal! 

Daddy Elon loves me so much that he even bought me a new “Marvin the Martian” wool hat – check it out!

My main goal is to become best friends with my brother, Floki, who is a Shiba Inu and a lot more popular than me now

But that will change. It is MY turn to emerge as the leader in dog-themed cryptocurrency and become greater than Dogecoin, Shiba, and Floki – combined! Just like my daddy.

Will you help me?                                           

Your furry friend,

 Elon’s Marvin

NFT Collection

Almost ready to mint. My first NFT collection “Bossy” will be filled with unique designs of me. These NFTs will be able to be bought, sold or collected by smart investors. Each NFT will be assigned a rarity based on traits and will have a special function on my upcoming Play 2 Earn game, where anyone will be able to earn money having fun with me online.

P2E Game

Coming soon after our 1st NFT collection. We have in contact with one of the best game developer in the industry. We’re designing a game that rewards players with Elon’s Marvin Token for showing the gamer skills, so stay tuned for the release.

Our Tokenomics








Slippage Sell




  • 1500 Holders
  • Website
  • Decentralized cross chain swap listings
  • Social Media promotions
  • CMC
  • Coingecko listings
  • Smart Contract audit
  • Community giveaways, competitions and prizes


  • 3000 Holders
  • Aggressive marketing rollout
  • Partnerships with utility focus
  • Influencer onboarding
  • Cross-chain bridge/swaps
  • CEX listings
  • ERC20 launch
  • Space Balls ecosystem integration and utility
  • Continued community giveaways & prizes


  • 10,000 Holders
  • NFT Collection
  • P2E Game
  • Major partnerships
  • Charity donations
  • Further integration into the SpaceBalls ecosystem with gaming and NFT Utility
  • More to come.

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